Stepping Stones to Freedom

The Origins of the Name and a Rebuttal to a Scurrilous Rumor

Though Stepping Stones to Freedom cannot respond to every charge and insinuation, to correct every falsehood, we can at least offer these few pages to counter the current misinformation and to let the light of truth shine and reveal to the world a small portion of this important and potent philosophical work, which has been the inspiration for Stoners for millennia.

In recent years a scurrilous rumor has been spread by the enemies of Stepping Stones who at every turn try to defame its reputation by arguing to the effect that members regularly partake of herbal hallucinogens in the pursuit of metaphysical ecstasies. This is a clear slander. The Hippies of the late 60’s adopted the euphemism of being “stoned” too describe the altered state of perception achieved after smoking marijuana and other such products. These rumors were circulated to defame the reputation and mitigate the growing impact of Stepping Stones on world culture in the 1960’s. The fact that such musical icons as Bob Dylan and Mick Jagger incorporated references to Stepping Stones in their own work is a testament to its influence.

While the word “stoned” is a reference to the higher reveries induced by the disciplined mediations of true Stoners, no hallucinogens or artificial substances are ever used to achieve these states, though Stepping Stoners will occasionally quaff an excellent Chardonnay, if offered.

The true origins of the name Stepping Stones to Freedom, of course, dates back to pre-Christian Britain with the creation of the stone monoliths now known as Stonehenge. This remarkable monument was used by members of Stepping Stones for their early Sun worshipping rituals. This dazzling architectural achievement became known as the original Stepping Stones to Freedom. The local peasantry who could not understand the esoteric meanings of this Priesthood simply called the brotherhood members Stoners.


Stepping Stones Grand Temple

Pre-historical Britain

circa 2000 B.C.