Stepping Stones to Freedom

An example of what happens to someone
who was unprepared when they first attempted to view
the sacred images from the LeGateaux Caverns.

The Images

What you will see in this book are not actual copies of the cave pictures in LeGateaux, but illustrations inspired by these images. The Elders of the Inner Circle who control access to the sacred images felt that to release literal depictions of the imagery would not be wise at this time. It is an article of faith that the hypnotic power of these images is so overwhelming that it can cause irreparable psychological damage to those not ready to witness such terrible beauty.

Thus in this edition, the images have been reinterpreted by our expert team of graphic artists and illustrators led by Dennis Kendrick. After detailed research in the secret, submerged caverns at LeGateaux, his team has endeavored to capture the true essence of the imagery, translate its meaning into pictures that are beautiful and yet unlikely to harm the uninitiated.

Dennis Kendrick and a friend
examining the drawings

in submerged LeGateaux Caverns