Stepping Stones to Freedom

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Written by Stuart Diamond
Illustrated by Dennis Kendrick

A Guide to Enlightenment for Everyone Else

Who Stepping Stones is not for:

     If you have found Jesus.

     If you are a Creationist

     If you already shaved your head and are singing Hare Krishna in airports.

     If Ron Hubbard and the rest of Scientology actually makes sense to you.

     If you have found infinite bliss

     If you meditate three hours a day and your eyes glisten with inner joy

     If you chant more than two hours a day

     If you prostrate yourself to a Guru more than once every three months

     If you have sold all your belongings and joined an ashram

     If you already give 25% of your income to your church

     If your children bow in respect when you enter a room

     If you bow in respect when your parents enter a room

     If you were ever Born Again


Who Stepping Stones is for:

     If you look over your shoulder to make sure none of your friends see you looking at this website

     If you are embarrassed in general to be seen in the New Age section of a bookstore

     If you find most books on spirituality simply saccharine, not to mention just plain silly

     If you think spiritual people have confused a vegetative state with vegetarianism

     If you consider suicide a reasonable alternative when your sister-in-law speaks of her inner joy

     If you sigh when people ask you your sign

     If you think Wicca makes as much sense as Catholicism

     If you were ever Born


And yet do you sometimes wonder…

     What would you do if you really were Left Behind?
     What bible are those Jews for Jesus reading anyway?

     What if Reverend Moon knows something you don’t?

     What if Hell really does exit?

     Why does your horoscope usually make more sense than your psychiatrist?
     Why do you lie awake at 3 a.m. in a panic hoping that there must be something more to life?

     And that when you die maybe you’re not really dead—at least not yet?

    And do you still wonder… where did God go after all?