Though there are inevitably the nay-sayers and the doubters the actual reviews have begun to come in. 

Below are authentic, unedited reviews.

* * * * *

The first words that came to my mind upon completing my reading of Stepping Stones to Freedom were unique, thought-provoking and entertaining.  It is a book that truly combines the sheer pleasure of reading with the capacity to stimulate the reader’s imagination and thought processes. 

The text, in its inimitable way, traces some of the most brilliant ideas and concepts formulated by the most intellectually curious minds throughout the ages.  These are esoteric ideas that include such diverse formulations as our place in the universe, the secrets of happiness, the joy we feel through the emotion of gratitude and, true to the book’s title, the real meaning of freedom.  Basic to our insight into understanding humanity, it poses the ultimate question: “what is the meaning of life?” 

In my opinion, Stepping Stones to Freedom is written for all those with the ability to think and reason.  In the end, the reader will come away feeling enlightened, enlarged intellectually and exuberant.

Richard Rodin

* * * * *

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